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Generating revenue for even the best product is a multi-step process where people like to purchase on a few given information which supports the need to make a decision in the process. This is where marketing funnels fit in as this helps you to generate profits and without putting in a lot of effort. A marketing funnel helps turn strangers into customers where the basic idea is that the number of people you attract is much larger than the people who show interest and become leads. In this article, we are talking about some of the best ways you can use marketing funnel to generate massive sales.

Stages of the marketing funnel

The stages if a marketing funnel can be broken down into three stages.


  • Top of the funnel

This stage is all about building visibility and making your target audience aware of the fact that your company is in the business.


  • Middle of the funnel

This is the stage where you have to build enough trust and show what you can offer; this is when people start showing interest.


  • Bottom of the funnel

This the bottom stage where you have sufficient trust, this is where you have bring in your product and complete them to take action.

Choose the stage of the funnel you need to start with

If you have a steady stream of customers: If you have a steady stream of customers, it is highly suggested that you work from the bottom up as this allows you to increase the amount of revenue you are already generating.

If your business does not generate sales: This is the time when you should directly work from the top and work your way down to help you get started on the traffic and which can help you generate leads. This also allows you to build the audience to whom you can sell the product later.

Pick tactics

Tactics is really important in every stage of the funnel, but according to Hustle Life, you should not use it all instead try to pick any two tactics to help get better results from the tactics.

Create content for the tactic

Now that you have your tactics, it is time to create the content assets; simplicity is your best ally try to create content which is worth it and add specific things to help you tactics going.

Connect and build continuity

Now that you are done with building tactics, you have to make sure that everything works and you need to make sure to involve people to move them into the next stage of the funnel. Look for what creates lead and stick to it, and this will help connect.



A motivational speaker never fails to inspire his audience with his speech. There are many motivational speakers in the world, but they are only a few who have stood out from the crowd. Here is a list of 10 most famous motivational speakers who have made an impact on millions of lives.

Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas was a homeless and a high school dropout who is now one of the most passionate motivational speakers. He uses his personal experience to provide guidance and give truthful and credible advice. He does not sugar coat his speeches but also talks about the importance of willing to sacrifice to achieve true success.

Alan Stein

Alan Stein, Jr is a top 10 motivational speaker in America. He enjoys helping others achieve their goal and listening to his speak motivates people to achieve most out of his life. He understands the psychology of achievement and advice his audience to take specific steps to establish themselves. He gives in-depth advice about strategies and ideas which will help you reach your goals.

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic was born without any arms and legs, and he is an incredibly happy man who enlightens people with the significance of staying strong in your life. He believes that nothing is impossible and emphasizes the importance of concentrating on what you cannot do in life.

Naseer Khan

He is one of the most regarded motivational speakers in India. He believes that to achieve one must believe. He focuses on inspiring others and his speeches include corporate training techniques like employee motivation, confidence building and power selling.

Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar is someone who uses words which are not just relevant today but will be in future too. He has been traveling and speaking out on positive progression. He also coaches many individuals in sales, presentation skills, etc.

Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn not just stimulates the mind but also the soul who help thousands to achieve their goals. He establishes meaningful goals and pursues personal developments.

Iyanla Vanzant

Iyanla Vanzant is an Emmy award winner who uses a straight forward approach of using energy, passion and wit to convey her message of love and appreciation.

Vikas Jain

Vikas Jain is a motivational speaker who is known for his keynote speeches. He is exceptionally good at developing motivational skill and has also created a training program for topics like leadership, team building, etc.

Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is one of the best when it comes to business leadership speeches. He is someone who makes keynote speeches at companies to develop dedicated leaders.

John Assaraf

John Assaraf focuses on helping people realize their innate talent to live their best lives. He was a student of human consciousness and behavior who believes that people can train their mind to concentrate on a specific principle.

Some Energy Saving Tips To Reduce Your Energy Bill

Running a successful business can be a trying venture and can prove to be a difficult task when you consider all the costs you might run into. Especially if you are starting a company from the ground up, you will undoubtedly face a number of hurdles and obstacles which will influence your budget and will have to be taken into serious consideration when you are creating and also running a proper business. Something that most people do not consider while factoring in costs is the fact that energy proves to be a significant part of the expenses that a company incurs.

You should look into some alternatives to electricity from the grid. Instead of paying huge bills for the electricity that the government supplies, it would be better to compare business electricity from 12.05p/kWh at Utility Saving Expert and make necessary changes. You can also install solar panels all over your facility or on all your rooftops and collect enough electricity to power your buildings. You should assess the needs of your employees and your customers because you should provide standard and good quality equipment to them. You should also make sure that you have a green thumb and stop using generators that run on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are definitely limited. There is a finite amount of it on the planet, and if estimates prove to be accurate, we only have enough fossil fuels on this planet to last us another 450-50 years. After that, we are done for because so greatly depend on fossil fuels for almost everything in life. One of the major fields that can take a hit is the airline business. Without jet fuel (aviation fluid, which is also a fossil fuel), there will be a halt in trade, tourism, and transportation. And this will prove to be the slow descent of humanity into the ages of darkness.

Therefore we as businessmen should do everything we can to try and live without fossil fuels. Tesla has indeed had some influential and gigantic strides in the field of electric cars and also solar panels for homes and offices. It is actually available for purchase right now, and so many people have chosen this. They will install the panels on your property wherever you wish. These panels will store the electricity in a big cell/battery, and this will power your house or office building. It’s like having an always charged up UPS battery.

You should also tell your employees that they should start keeping track of all the lights, air conditioners, and fans that are always on. Constant energy use even when people are not in the room, can indeed cause the electricity bill to shoot up. But if you have solar panels installed, there will be no bill. You will have clean and green energy 24/7.

Benefits of best consent management software in the market

Software cycle

Consent is very important for processing of the personal data of the individual as it is needed for different purposes including analysis, health and marketing of the data. There are different reasons why data is used as it is used for recording, processing, storing and disseminating of the data. Consent management is the process, system and set of policies that allow patients and consumers to determine the way in which their health information are used. They also give consent for permitting the different care providers for accessing of the information and for this consent management software is used. Therefore you will need to use the best consent management software in the market if you want to get the consent of the consumers and patients for using their personal data.


Best consent management software in the market includes-

ADManager Plus  Iubenda  iGrafx  Cookie assistant  OneTrust  Verizon Media   These software’s are the most important tool for business strategists that helps in offering valuable source of insightful data and elaborate description of value chain as well as its distributor analysis. This software is used for organizing and delivering sensitive data in a manner that it will maintain the compliance standards. Moreover it allows the compliance staff and IT workers in helping the companies for creating storage structures and data delivery workflows for meeting the compliance requirements. This software is used by companies for automating the data processes and for ensuring compliance with the minimal amount of manual work.

Mobile Phone

Even though, the companies are compliant with the documentation and security of the data, they will need to use these data privacy solutions for facilitating the technical aspects of request management and data delivery. Date security features are included into this software but it also includes the compliance related to data protection as well as compliance related to workforce. As an organization, you will need to put in efforts for protecting vital information of the patients and consumers in the form of cookie data and IP address of them. Moreover along with these data, you will also need to put in efforts for protecting the health data and home address of these people so that their personal information will not be compromised in any manner.


The use of the consent management software meets the GDPR requirements as it will help in changing the way of processing, storing and protecting the personal data of the customers. It offers the best solution to assess, implement and maintain the GDPR compliance so that the patients and consumers will give consent for the use of their information. They also need to affirm for the participation in the e-health initiatives and for establishing the consent directives for determining the company that can have access to their important and valuable protected health information. You need to use this software to request, receive and store the consent of the users and making sure that the personal data are used in a safe and secure manner so that it will not be compromised. The vendors can decide on the kind of consent that they need for the use in the given industry.

Tips for saving money with online coupons

Applying coupons

The impact of technology is so much that it has given a complete makeover to our everyday living. One of the things that have become a part of our lives because of technology is the internet. Most people look out for good deals in online market spaces. There are a lot of options for them to surf and decide on the best. One of the easiest ways to get good discounts in shopping is through online coupons and getting online coupons are also very easy. Check out overstock coupon 20 code current and you can get different kinds of coupons. In this article, we will see some tips to save money with online coupons.

Know the online store

It is important that you have good knowledge about the online store from where you are busing the products. It is a well-known fact that most of the stores accept coupons for discounts and for other offers. There are ones that accept coupons only for discounts, and there are ones that accept a coupon for offers like buy one and get one free.  So make sure to have complete details about the online store.

Online coupons

Set remainder in your mobile

When it comes to online coupons, it is not enough just to collect them. Making use of it before expiry is mandatory. To make sure not to forget the expiry date do what you generally do. Set a reminder in your mobile so that even if you forget it will remain you.

Apply coupon before making the payment

It is a general practice that most of the people to click next after completing every action. If you are using the coupon to avail, any discounts make sure that you apply the coupon number or coupon code before proceeding with the payment process.

Use coupons during the festivals

As a business promotion, most of the stores give out good offers. There is already a considerable amount of detection in the festival discounts. If you are using the coupons, you will be able to enjoy more discount prices.

Do the calculation

Doing the calculation before using the coupons is applicable not just for online coupons. It is applicable to all kinds of coupons. If you do the calculations, you get a clear picture of whether to use the coupons or not. It is because if the discount price after using the coupons does not meet your expectations, you can use this coupon for something else or wait to collect another coupon to get a reasonable discount.

Stack available offers

Everyone likes free stuff, the more, the better. So it is up to us to capitalize on the offers that are available. For example, using online coupons is a common thing, but there will some particular stores where they give offers if you purchase above a certain price they will offer free shipping. So if you are purchasing and you are just a few bucks short go ahead and buy something extra. By doing this, you will get better discounts.

Benefits Of Kratom

“Mitagyna Speciosa” which is commonly known as ‘kratom’ is a tropical and evergreen tree that belongs to the coffee family and grows in Southeast Asia.  They are sourced from the Bali region, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Papa New Guinea.  It is used for medicinal purposes since the nineteenth century. It is also known for having opioid properties and some stimulant effects. Opioids are some substances that have effects on the human body which are similar to morphine, which is one of the reasons why they are used in medicine to relieve pain, including anesthesia.

Some people take it for relieving themselves of chronic pain, treating the patients who opioid withdrawal symptoms, and also some take it for recreational purposes. The side effects begin typically 5-10 minutes after consumption and last for 2-4 hours. Many people even use them as a treatment for their depression and anxiety. The United States Food And Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet given a confirmed approval for kratom for the medication of depression or anxiety which is one of the reasons why people who use this typically “self medicate” if that can even be said. It is also considered as a dietary supplement and is not regulated by the FDA. Anyone who uses this must exercise caution. Here is a concise explanation as to how it works in helping some of your ailments.

–    It isn’t technically an opioid, although it has effects that are incredibly similar to the same, even codeine and morphine.

–    An active ingredient in kratom is known as mitragynine which binds to opioid receptors in your brain which indeed relieves pain. This action can be considered to be helpful in reducing depression and anxiety-like side effects as well, reported by people who utilize kratom.

–    It also enhances mood and puts you in a better mindset which in turn relaxes you.

–    It is also said to reduce pain and muscle aches.

–    Consumers of kratom also have reported that helps with their blood pressure problems.

–    Diarrhea can also be stopped by taking kratom

–    People with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have also come out and said that it has helped them decompress and take their mind off of the trauma that they faced. They have given it positive reviews.

–    It even apparently has anti-inflammatory and immunity-enhancing capabilities according to a 2017 study conducted by a bunch of researchers who traveled to Southeast Asia and interviewed people who use kratom. Research is indeed incredibly limited, but they have concluded with the above results.

–    It is indeed illegal in countries like Australia, Thailand, and Denmark. Even though it has attained legality in the United States, there have efforts for the restriction of access to and regulation of the substance.

How to Ace Your Next Job Interview in Sales

An invitation for a job interview serves as the last stage of being hired. You will be able to get a job depending on your performance during the interview. For this reason, ensure that you give it your all for you to be successful. You might have done several job interviews without getting any actual jobs offers. This always happens and you might be wondering what you’re doing wrong during the process. Well, it is not easy for you to discover your mistakes. But worry no more, we are here to give you information that will ensure that you ace your next job interview! Let’s get started.

6 Tips to Ace Your Next Interview

1. Research about the company
This should be your first step after receiving the invitation letter. You can check the companies’ websites to get more information on its business model, industry news and other relevant information. This will help you gain more information on the aims, mission, and vision of the company. The information can help you to strategize and prepare for the interview.

2. Consider the position’s requirement
Make sure you understand the requirement needed for the job. Then you can match them with your qualifications and skills. The interviewer may ask hard questions to establish whether you are a fit for the job. Knowing the requirements early enough will give you the advantage of coming up with a solution for each question.

3. Look at the market rate
How much do you expect to be paid for this job? This is a question that is frequently asked in each interview. Therefore you should be able to look at the market rate in relation to the job so that you don’t have a hard time trying to answer the question. Having prior information will help you in giving a recommendable figure that won’t put the interviewers off.

4. Prepare questions you will ask during the interview
Try not to remain silent when you are offered the chance to ask questions. Also, try to keep the interview more conversational by asking a question about the job. This will help you determine whether you are fit for the position. If you don’t know what to ask or how to answer, you can check out AMP Payment Systems’ sales job interview tips. At the end of the day, the only way to achieve success is to make sure you do prior research that will make you stand out and show the employer that you truly want the job.

5. Calm your nerves
During the interview ensure that you are calm and in the right mindset. You can do activities that will be able to calm your nerves before the interview. For instance, you can have a morning run or a little meditation. Make sure to plan the journey early enough to prevent any unforeseen incidents. Arriving at the venue early enough will help you relax and get used to the environment. It is an important aspect of improving your confidence.

6. Say a thank you after the interview
A simple thank you can be very significant in ensuring you stand out from other candidates. Make sure you send a thank you note sharing how you are pleased to have gone through the interview. This is a follow-up process that can cement the position for you.

In the job market, there is always competition. To make sure you stand out you have to think differently and in the right way. Make sure you focus on the points mentioned above and you will be sure of succeeding in your next job interview. If you want more information on how to crush job interviews, you can check out AMP’s Facebook page, or contact us and we’ll be sure to help you out.

Best Drop Shipping Companies for Your eCommerce Business- Benefits


If you are looking for the best way of starting an eCommerce business or ways for adding more products to your existing business then you will need to search for the best drop shipping companies for your eCommerce business as it will help you get the desired results. Dropping shipping has been gaining immense popularity among business owners who are using this excellent marketing tool so that you can succeed in your e-commerce business. This marketing tool helps in building the marketing networks while creating a system of commercial relations and thus you will need to look for a drop shipping company that will offer you the highest quality services for the success of your e-commerce business.


The Best Drop Shipping Companies for Your eCommerce Business

Some of the dropshipping business websites include Oberlo  -Dropship direct  -Salehoo  -Aliexpress  -Doba  -Wholesale 2b    Drop shipping is the easiest and profitable way of selling products online as you will not have to stock the inventory for selling it to the consumers but you can buy the inventory from the third party that is the drop shipping companies so that you can fulfill the orders of the customers. It is an amazing way of starting business as it has zero investment and the drop shipping companies will handle the shipping and logistic needs for delivering the products to the customers.


Looking for the best drop shipping companies for your eCommerce business is very important for starting the digital venture and the right selection of the company will help you become successful in your business endeavors. The company that you select should be large enough to meet the demands of your customers and it should have large marketing power that will help your business to flourish even without investing a large amount of money.

Benefits of drop shipping

The basic idea of drop shipping is that you will not have to claim or deal with any products or stock as it will be taken care of by the drop shipping companies that enter into a contract with the business owner for offering a constant supply of products to the customers of the business. This is an excellent business idea where you need no investment but you only have to procure orders from your customers that will be fulfilled by the drop shipping companies.


Drop shipping company features

The drop shipping companies are also responsible for fulfilling the orders of the customers that are procured by the business owners. Therefore it is very important to look for the best drop shipping company for your e-commerce business and you will need to look for different factors that will help you to select the best company for your business.

These factors include pricing, support, product variety, features and shipping options and you should select the company that will meet your needs and preferences. It is the best way of offering a wide range of products to your customers and you can also launch a successful business venture when you have the assistance of the best drop shipping companies for your business.